Taking the Bee Out!

After a couple weeks off, I am back with the cutest little story. The vlog this week is private to respect my family's wishes but I thought I would go ahead and share some of the things I did when I went down to London for the weekend. Click here if you have access to watch it!
My nephew's nursery gives one of the children a bee to take home each weekend. They're suppose to take pictures with it while they do fun activities and spend the weekend together. In all honesty my little Ray was not having any of it but I had some fun.
We took a trip to one of the National History Museums. I'm not a hige fan of museums in general but it was quite fun to help Bop with the quiz they offered to children. I also fell in love with the fluffy zebra-like animals! In the end, Ray was playing up so we ended up calling at McDonald's instead of a restaurant which was a little bit of a shame but nevertheless...I love a McDonald's!

I feel so at home at my sister's house. We enjoyed snuggles on the couch, altogether, which included the dog sitting on my lap! I finally got to watch Goosebumps! after wanting to see it at the cinema a while back and Bop happily sat through it.
 On Sunday, we enjoyed a delicious Sunday lunch. It was actually so yummy. I loved the roast potatoes and I have to say, the roast chicken was the nicest chicken I have ever had. I could have easily eaten the whole thing. I believe she put rosemary on it but it was so good! For dessert we had a cookie dough pudding, but we were all expecting it to be a little more gooey and melted. Instead, it was more of a cookie top with a sponge bottom so it was rather strange and I probably wouldn't get it again.