#FilteredLives Campaign

Today, I am sharing an absolutely incredible campaign and one that I feel very strongly that I need to share with Getaway Girls.
Based in Leeds, Getaway Girls empowers girls and young women aged 11 – 25 to build up confidence, develop new skills and take positive risks in an environment which offers cooperation and support. The charity achieves this through individual support, group work, outreach, detached, residential opportunities, creative arts, sports development, adventure education, training, peer support and opportunities for voice and influence.

Getaway Girls supports very diverse groups of young women in terms of cultural backgrounds and needs. The charity targets young women who experience barriers or discrimination including: domestic violence, young mums and asylum seekers.

Today's post is to bring this campaign to your attention and discuss how the way we post on social media - with filters or editing tools we use on images - can affect young women’s perceptions of what’s real and ultimately their self-esteem.
They want to encourage people to post images behind the filter, showing their true selves because we believe that everyone is beautiful with or without a filter.

There is so much out there on social media at the moment, and the pressures on young women to conform to body image expectations can have detrimental effects on their mental health. They hope that this campaign will help girls see that there is a life beyond filters, and they’re perfectly fine
just as they are.

I don't really use filters as such when I share my photos on social media but I do use good natural lighting, I know what the best angle is and I use a heck of a lot of makeup, which makes me more confident in taking photos and sharing them. As such, I've decided to share a picture of me just waking up, in yellow lighting, no makeup, bed hair and pjs!

I can totally relate to this campaign because I used to feel so much pressure with social media but over the past year of so, I've decided to focus on my own life instead but it's a huge mental shift for sure.

You too can join in on this campaign!

  1. Simple take a photo of yourself and post a before and after style post, with one image being edited or using a filter (if you would normally use these tools) and one without any editing at all.
  2. Add the hashtag #FilteredLives and in the photo description highlight the editing tools you would normally use.
  3. Tag @GetawayGirlsLeeds.
  4. For an added bonus, share your thoughts on why you think it is important to portray your true, natural self for your followers.
  5. Nominate friends and family to take part as well!

For example: I’m posting this natural selfie in support of #FilteredLives to help @GetawayGirlsLeeds spread the message that you are beautiful as you are. I nominate @hannahelizabethblog to take part next!

As an added bonus, Getaway Girls will share and retweet everyone that takes part in the campaign on all social channels, if the posts are genuine and positive.

You can also follow Getaway Girls on social media:

For more details on this campaign please contact: Frances, Emily or Emma. To support Getaway Girls, or for more information on the charity, please visit or contact Flavia.