Boat Party, Friend Dates and Blidworth Woods Forest Walk!

I spent a week essay writing, celebrating with a Boat Party and hanging out with some friends over tea. After a couple of weeks living in Chesterfield, my housemates and I decided to go on a Forest Walk!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
This was possibly the most random, bitty and uncut week I've had for a while. I'm currently splitting my time between Chesterfield, Wakefield and Nottingham so life is a little hectic. I love living in Chesterfield while on placement because I get so much longer to sleep and I don't have to stress about travelling to and from placement but at the same time, the rooms are not homely in the slightest and the duvet is torture! I'm currently using my sleeping bag instead because others I just s.w.e.a.t. profusely! 
I do however love this sign that I have up in my bathroom. I think it's hilarious and so true!
When I finally got home, Sam decided she missed me so much that she just had to do this lovely hair style. I honestly thought it would actually turn out quite nice but I was very disappointed to see it did not. 
Having had so long off archery and being forced to do new things, for the first time in my archery career I hit myself...badly...multiple times. It was not fun. 
I also managed to squeeze in a couple of friend dates. I went with Maria to Zizzi's for lunch after being disappointingly stood up, then headed to Pizza Hut with Sam and Vicki the next day. I always seem to have such a long break, then go out super frequently. I'm sure my bank is very unhappy right now. 
Amazingly, all my housemates and myself were off work at the same time. Clare ended up going to her boyfriends but the rest of us went on a pleasant walk around Blidworth Woods. It was actually really nice and perfect weather. 


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