Mini Farm Respite, Sunny Pub Trip and Mother's Day Weekend!

A busy few days at work called for a trip back to the farm, before celebrating the start of Easter with a trip to the pub and going home for Mother's Day weekend!

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After a whole bunch of shifts, I headed back to the farm for a mini break before my next. I'd been staying in the hospital accommodation so haven't really done much since starting as I've kept alone and to myself so it was nice to head home and spend some time with family.
It was a gorgeous couple of day so while mum was at work, I headed around the farm and took the dogs for a walk. I haven't had a chance to appreciate the space recently so it was nice to have the chance to enjoy it, especially with nice weather.

We all ended up going out for tea as a special occasion. I thoroughly enjoyed my yummy brownie for dessert!
As always, my grandma and my mum mean the world to me.
When I got back to Chesterfield, I quickly unpacked and then got ready for an early night in bed. After trying to sleep for a few minutes, all I could concentrate on was the huge spider on my ceiling that was getting closer and closer. In the end, I couldn't cope any longer so I ended up being brave and catching it myself.
It's such a shame having shifts when the weather is so nice and the trees outside the hospital are gorgeous blossom trees which are really pretty at the moment. At least it was light when I went in at least.
After finally finish 2 weeks of shifts both Bea and Vicki had also finished. The sun was shining and it was lovely to head to the pub for a few drinks, some food and a catch up. It's a little odd being away from the house so much but I defintely appreciate the lie ins and not having to drive for over an hour either side of a 13 hours shift.
I ended up letting Sam use my room for the night and when I went back for the next week of shifts, I found this lovely note and most incredible muffin waiting for me on my bed. It was honestly the most amazing muffin after a long day and busy day shift. It was rich and delicious and had a melting middle.
The next weekend, after another set of shifts, I headed back to the farm for Mother's Day.
Mum wanted to spend time with her mum and grandma wanted to stay in so we ended up having a lovely full cooked english breakfast for tea followed by a game of poker.
It was nice to chill and spend some time watching a film together.