Vicki's Birthday, Archery in the Hail and Lake Walks!

I celebrated Vicki's 20th birthday, a cold archery session turned into shooting in the hail and I went on a gorgeous lake walk with a friend. 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 
For Vicki's birthday this year she headed to a club night but also wanted a cute a civilised meal with all her girlies. She ended up picking an independent french restaurant which served a lot of vegan options for Bea, Sam and Clare. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the food and while I had to slightly alter the menu to suit my needs, I was still good. There was a slight hiccup when the vegan dish wasn't served vegan but living up to her usual loudness, Vicki got a replacement pretty quickly, plus the food taken off the bill.
After a quick shopping trip, we headed to a super cute little shop for desserts but they also served pancakes and brunch too. The lighting was gorgeous so of course we had to do a photoshoot. 
But look at how amazing the desserts look...especially the pancakes!
When we all got back, we watched Vicki open her presents and thankfully she seemed to like them all! 
I loved working in Chesterfield with the community midwives. My mentor was absolutely amazing and it was so nice to be able to do the home visits I so desperately wanted and missed out on last year. To show me the "true Chesterfield", on our lunch break we stopped at a little cafe on the canal and she treated me to the most delicious sandwich. It was so perfectly made and it was so funny to see them planting flowers in unloops on the way out. 
After a busy clinical week, I thankfully had the weekend off so managed to get myself to archery for possibly the weirdest session ever. I was shooting pretty well but the weather was all over the place. It was sunny, then rained and then it started the hail the biggest chunks of ice. It was impossible to pull half the arrows from the boss so I ended up leaving them in for a while and shooting with a spare instead.
The weekend ended even better as I was picked up by my special someone for a date. We went for a walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve before heading for tea at a pub near my house. It was super pretty, if not a little miserable, but I loved seeing all the animals...especially the cute dog! I love that he always picks me up and offers to drive because he knows I don't like to when other people are in the car. He's the most thoughtful guy ever.