Shazam! (Review)

Shazam! What's it about? Click here to watch the trailer or see below.
Shazam! was a film I liked the look of but had no particular intention of heading to see at the cinema. Thankfully, my date wanted to see it and of course I happily obliged and took his offer. I ended up really enjoying the film. It was a little slow to begin with and to be honest I was confused as to where the film was going. I tried to figure it out but after a while, I instead, just took it at face value.
 The film showcases and develops an interesting storyline. It’s a lovely ideal of finding the perfect character for a role but unfortunately, one that is often impossible given today’s society. In the end, it turns out to be the perfect choice but not for the reasons you would think.

It’s the final scenes that capture my heart. Seeing the foster siblings all come together and work for the greater good is just remarkable but of course, it’s how the casting department captured the unique characteristics of each individual in an adult form that I thought was great.
I wouldn’t necessarily recommend seeing the film at the cinema but I really ended up enjoying it and would definitely watch it again.