Disney on Ice, Christmas Markets and Getting Active!

After a lovely week off, I have had some downtime sandwiched between 2 sets of 3 night shifts. I enjoyed Disney of Ice, Christmas markets, celebrated my nephew's first birthday and did lots of university also. 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

My cousin finally got the keys for her new house, and with that, my garage was back to being mine which feels absolutely amazing. I've been quite busy with gardening and university work so I haven't quite completely returned it to it's original space, but it's slowly getting there and I finally have my organisation space back. I undecorated for Halloween and managed to move all the decorations to the garage. I was originally going to decorate for Christmas early but I decided to keep to simple Autumn decor for now. 
I finally went to Disney on Ice after waiting for so many year. I've wanting to go with someone, especially a child to make it extra special, but after being unable to organise anything with my nieces or nephews, I decided to go alone. It was just as magical! I will be sharing a full review soon! 

Afterwards, I headed to Nottingham's Winter Wonderland. It's opened so early which is great, but it was a bit of a shame that so many of the stalls were not yet occupied. Nevertheless, I'm glad I've got to see it and experience it before it's got too busy. 
My youngest nephew also turned one. He has honestly been my happiness over the last year and I am not too sure what I would have done without him. My sister and I arrived, only to receive a message 2 minutes before it was suppose to start, to say they'd moved it to 30 minutes later. We ended up getting a drink, then being told they were still over 30 minutes away! Half of them ended up being 70 minutes late, and the other's even later. Honestly, it was quite a frustrating day completely and I got more angrier as the day went on, but it was lovely to be there to celebrate my favourite little boy. 

It's been a mix of emotions completely. My grandma collapsed at home for the third time in a week, and due to her weakness, 3 adults couldn't get her up so she ended up getting taken in to hospital. Well a week later, she has deteriorated more and more and things are a little up in the air at the moment. The only positive, is that it meant my mum could come and actually visit me. She usually can't get time off from looking after my grandma so she made a little bit of a last minute trip up for 4 hours and we went out for a lovely, but expensive, Chinese meal. 

I didn't actually record too much, but in between everything else, I've been busy writing an essay constantly. I can't wait for the essay to be finished and I am so so close. Here's to the last of the university work for the year.