What I Miss the Most...

After sharing my love languages last week, I couldn't help but think about what I miss the most about being in a romantic relationship. 

I miss the little things: 
  • Being given a foot massage 
  • Having my hair blow dried
  • Getting a home cooked meal 
  • Enjoying a head massage 
  • Dancing in the kitchen together 
  • Kissing goodbye in the morning 

When I first thought of these, I felt most were related to physical touch, but when I truly stepped back to look at them, they were acts of service. I work long shifts at work and I have a long-term ankle injury which makes my ankle swell up at the end of most days and it's incredibly painful. A foot massage really helps with the pain. I have really thick and long hair, that holds in water for 24 hours. I can never be bothered to blow dry it because it takes almost an hour to fully dry and I have so many other things to do, it seems a waste of time. I hate cooking, but I'm also very independent and don't like to ask for help. Coming home to a healthy meal of the table is always such a big weight lifted off my shoulders. 

I hope one day I can get those parts back, but whether I will or won't it doesn't change how much I appreciated them at the time. Going forward, if I ever am lucky enough to have someone want to be there for me, I know I will try my hardest to say thank you so they know how much I truly recognise them.