Pumpkin Festival, Random Life and Bonfire Night!

Since coming back from holiday, I haven't recorded too much, so here's a good month worth of footage with little clips, including a Pumpkin Festival and After Dark Bonfire Night celebrations. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I booked myself a much needed pamper day at home with a luxury pedicure, followed by a lovely back, shoulder, neck and scalp massage. I've never had it from the comfort of my own home and it really need feel very indulgent. 

I've also started trying to be healthy again. I tried to do some meal prepping, I went back to the first exercises I've done since pre-covid and I also bought a gym membership! I will be writing a whole post shortly to share my thoughts and hopefully keep myself accountable. 
Mental Health Day was a crappy day for me, which was upsetting, as I had such high expectations. However, the rest of the week improved. I attended a PMA Conference and even got a lunch bag before a day of universty lectures in the afternoon. 
During some time off, I headed to Wakefield to help my sister with my grandma as my mum was on holiday. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of great photo opportunities. Unfortunately, I was by myself so I didn't get myself in the photo props but still lots of enjoyment and I picked up two darling munchkin pumpkins. 

I also had some fun, relaxing hot tub sessions, enjoyed some farm walks and played with the puppies.
My cousin actually recently bought her first home in the last few weeks as well. I've been able to help her a little around the house with decor and packing, as well as babysitting my nephew which is always my happy place. On one of the days we went on a walk to a local park, saw lots of deers and enjoyed a delicious lunch. 
I even helped pick out some decor and bedding for the two bedrooms upstairs. 
During my annual leave, I headed back to Wakefield for pre-Bonfire night celebrations. We had some sparklers leftover from last year which we enjoyed in the front garden. 

The next morning, my mum, sister and I headed out for brunch as Lakeside at Newmillerdam. I was a little disappointed with mine to be honest. The bacon and scrambled eggs were underdone for my liking. The toast was burnt and to top it off, the scrambled eggs had loads of shell in it! I had a little bit of an argument with my mother at the end, so I quickly exited before things got too intense. 

Afterwards, I headed back to Nottingham, arriving about an hour early so I quickly unloaded the car, before setting off to the After Dark Bonfire Night event I had tickets for at Cattows Farm in Leicestershire. I was really worried about going after reading the reviews the previous night. However, I have a strong urge to never waste money so of course, I had to go and I am so glad I did. 
It was defintely an expensive 5 hours, but nevertheless, I enjoyed myself. I arrived at 3pm, able to see all the rides and stages in the daylight. After walking around and listening to two tribute acts, I headed to the circus. There was a few really good acts (aerial display, hula hooping, diablos and motorbikes), but I did feel a little disappointed and ripped off as the show was only 35 minutes, and half the acts were simple singing and dancing numbers, or a silly spoof which went on far too long. 
Luckily, there was also 2 great firework displays. One was at 5pm (5.12), just the sun was setting, lasting 10 minutes and another at 7pm (7.17), lasting 15 minutes. The last one especially was amazing, the last 3 minutes epic! 
It looks like the busiest week ever, but this is actually over the space of 4 weeks, as I just vlogged some of the bigger events.