Hen Parties, Garden Sunshine and Donkey Visits!

Two of my cousin's are getting married this year, so I had two hen parties, as well as a Bank Holiday and a lovely few days in the sunshine. 
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A weekend in Wakefield began with a day in Leeds. It was an incredibly beautiful hot day and everyone seemed to be out, it was so busy. We started in the Slug and Lettuce but it was packed. We had a drink each and then headed to Flight Club for a very fun game of darts. I missed our cousin trip last time, so this was my first time playing and it was so much fun. 
Afterwards, we went to Revolutions, Bar at One and finished at Neighbourhood with a booked table for tea. The majority of the time was spent drinking and dancing and in all honesty, it was far too loud for me, so instead I briefly left the party and went to Greggs for some food and a little sit down. I'm so glad I did because the food that came out at Neighbourhood was horrible. Not only was it incredibly loud, but they had run out of a lot of the food we had pre-ordered and then the fryer broke so there was no food that we ordered that came out as it should have. 
The next day was beautiful and sunny. We had a lovely roast dinner in the garden, although a barbeque probably would have been better in the end. My cousin and nephew took a trip over for a visit and he was so cute, just running around the garden. Mum also took us down and around the farm in a golf buggy to see the horses, cows and donkeys. The donkeys were so friendly and more than happy for the attention. 
The weekend after, I had a horrendous journey from Nottingham to Wakefield, picked up my sister and then headed to York for my other cousin's hen party. We settled into the air bnb which was perfect, before heading to do some shopping in the centre. We then got ready for the night, with the theme of Last Rodeo. It was some hen party games, food and drinks but mainly a chilled night. 
The next day was the main day. We woke up and got ready for a long, fancy day. We started at the Grand York Hotel for a very expensive brunch. The buffet part was delicious, the hot food was disappointing to say the least. Nevertheless, we then made our way to the racecourse.

The races was my first experience of the races, and I think it was hard with a group of 20 people to stay together. Most people were there for photographs and drinking, but there were a few of us who bet and were watching the racing. Just 4 of us stayed until the end and watched the Abba West End show. The music itself was fantastic, but unfortunately the crowd very much let the show down, with so much food and drink getting thrown into the air. 
About half way through the show, we headed back and got changed ready for the evening, before heading the the bride's air bnb for pre-drinks before the big night out. I actually left as everyone was heading out. I knew it would likely be a loud and heavy night, so I was done for 10pm and decided not to go into the centre, which was perfect for me as I could chill and wash my hair, then get a good nights sleep. 

The following day, everyone had to check out at their different accommodations by 11am and the plan was to go out for brunch or lunch afterwards. Well, in the morning, only 3 out of 20 people made it, so we ended up going to Betty's. Everyone else headed back home sooner to lie down in bed I think. 
Afterwards, we headed for a little shopping in York and the weather cleared for a walk around the York Minister which was beautiful. They had lots of lovely grass animal sculptures dotted around, which seemed like a little treasure map to follow. I'm sure there were lots more I didn't spot!
Bank Holiday Monday followed which was quite a chilled start, with a lunch at the White Rose which had a little carnival set up. We went to Prezzo and the food was quite simply, awful. We were both very disappointed so ended up asking for a refund. Later, I headed back to Nottingham and then met up with a couple of friends for tea at the pub. It was lovely to have a last little catch up, before I become a hermit and focus on writing my very delayed and continuously put off dissertation.