Writing my Dissertation!

I have put off my dissertation for months and I just honestly didn't know where to start. Having now started, I easily could have done it spread over the last few months and taken a lot of pressure off myself but I was at a loss and instead decided to prioritise different areas of life. 

I am contracted part time hours of 29 hours a week, instead of 37.5 hours a week as would be full time. Since May I started a new contract of a further 7.5 hours a month, but I normally make up the hours with extra shifts. Due to how busy the summer is for me and wanted to focus on essay writing, I decided to do a lot of extras in April and May so I did an extra 130 hours in April and 50 hours in May, so I didn't have to in June or July basically. 

Anyway, back to the actual assessment. The dissertation for the Major Project module is 15000 words long, however this doesn't include mandatory tables of information and appendices. Nor does it include references in text or of course, reference lists. 

The project includes a research being undertaken (recommended literature review, with a systematic literature search), ethical approval process and then a write up with a very clear content requirement, which will be the aspect getting marked. 

First, a title page, abstract and contents page are required, then the body of the content before references and appendices. There are 5 chapters split into subchapters, which can have optional, personalised headings within them and must start with an introduction and summary for each too. 
  1. Introduction: project, problem, background, context, importance, aims + objectives, question, future and research
  2. Background and Context
  3. Methodology: methodology, search strategy, primary articles, critical analysis and ethics 
  4. Findings: thematic analysis and themes 
  5. Recommendations and Conclusions: process limitations, recommendations for practice, recommendations for research and conclusion