28th Birthday Present Haul!

Another year, another birthday, so of course, another birthday haul! This year, I asked especially for money to put towards my America holiday but I still got a few presents from some special friends and close family members. 
My mum got me some M+S treats, alongside a cake. My friend got me a box of chocolates too. 
My favourite gift was from my little sister with a Gemini bracelet in gold which I absolutely love it. 
She also got me an embroidery kit, which I am sure will come in very handy to help me relax, come August, when I no longer have all my free time taken up with dissertation writing. One of my other friends bought me the most thoughtful gift with a cookbook from Rosa's Thai Cafe, after I booked the restaurant for my birthday meal. Another friend bought me a Lush gift set which was so lovely. It was delivered to my house, hence why I didn't take a picture at the time!
Finally, I treated myself with some the future birthday money I knew I was getting. I bought three board games that I've kept seeing on TikTok with Shut the Box, Six Second Scribbles and Hues and Clues. We ended up playing them all on my birthday and they were a lot of fun!