Breastfeeding in the Public Eye!

Back when this blog was still a baby, I shared a post on a sign I found in a cafe saying that breast feeding was welcome. I remember feeling happy to see it but shocked that it needed to be said. Why in this modern world do women did to be given permission to breast feed in a public space. The argument has been said so many times but it's true...why can't a baby feed in public when the rest of the society can. It breaks my heart in so many way but I'm so glad to see so many women in a position of power and influence sharing their own journeys of breast feeding and expressing, even in photoshoots! 

Today's post is simply a post on love, support and strength. Thank you. 

Alyssa Milano has always been a big inspiration of mine, ever since the days of Charmed. But I love how not only she uses her position of power to be a great political figure but to show that breast feeding in public is okay. Not only that but it's healthy.
Teresa Palmer has always been very open about her public life and I love that she's an activist for not only women's right but animal's as well.
Chrissy Teigen once gain makes everything hilarious but she's not the only one to promote breast pumping on the job.
Hilary Duff (my teenage role model) and Rachel McAdams (my actress obsession) both shared there own breast pumping. Hilary copied Rachel's photograph taken mid shoot!

I'm so pleased these women are putting it out in the public and I really hope people see these photographs and it helps to remove the stigma around breast feeding itself. Here's hoping 2019 raises the figures for breast feeding globally.