Sister's 21st Birthday Party and a Cute Baby Date!

My littlest sister turned the big 2.1. and had a birthday party to celebrate! I thoroughly enjoyed the photo booth. To end the weekend at home, I went to meet up with a friend and had the cutest baby date.

Click here for the vlog or watch below.
I ended up driving back to the farm after archery on Saturday afternoon. Since getting my shifts for March, I'm trying to make the most out of attending because I won't be able to go much afterwards which I'm actually really sad about. The sky was gorgeous when I got back and I had a lovely little arrival party waiting for me.
Of course, when I got back, there was little last minute preparations to help with before getting ready for the party, but I loved looking at all the baby pictures. Jess was such a cute toddler!
Number one on mum's to do list was the drinks. If you come to a party at my mum's it's bound to have enough to drink and eat.
I think everyone ended up having a really good time and while the cake wasn't my cup of tea, Jess happily picked it out so it was perfect. Mum made a speech before the cake and it was so sweet. I'm so glad I managed to record the whole thing, despite leaving my camera back home in Nottingham.
In all honesty, I ended up spending the majority of my evening with the kids which doesn't upset me one bit. I can't stand being around all the drunk people. I walked in on two conversations, one of which was on anal sex and the other being racist. Yeah, I'd rather just stay out of it. So while the party continued until 5am, I was fast asleep for about half 2 and cosy in bed.
The next day, we had a huge English breakfast with some family that had travelled up to celebrate. It was very yummy but my eyes were defintely bigger than my belly. I had a couple of hours to catch up on some television and then I set off to Cardigan Fields. I'd never heard of it before but it's actually quite a nice little restaurant collection.
Although she was half an hour late, it was lovely to catch up with Suzanne and get a tonne of smiles out of cute baby Bubs. I still can't believe that when we met, she was barely pregnant with him and now he's nearly one!
Definitely a busy weekend!