Late Night Shopping Trip, Venue Searching and Homemade Pizza!

Some highlights from January: the most unhealthy shopping trip, venue searching and homemade pizza!

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 
I've been spending a lot of time at Archery recently. I love it. I love the sport, and more importantly, I love the people. I wish I'd been able to shoot last year because I defintely would have had a happier time for sure. I think it's all about balance and having a bit of downtime is just so freeing. Even the girls mention it every time I come home; they can see how much happier I am just from having that little bit of space. Plus, I'm finally starting to see progress. I ended up getting quite a few ten's towards the end of the month and despite four ending up on the floor because of the danage (new word for me!) being badly in need of repair, I'm really happy. I'm even ready to buy my own bow!
 I had a couple of really hard nights, feeling like the girls are constantly ganging up on me so Bridget invited me over to her's for a late night gathering. It was nice to meet her flatmates and see her friends. They are admittedly all a little odd but fun and the late night shopping trip turned into a total binge shop! Look at all those unhealthy foods...
 But boy do I love this chick.
Clare ended up making bread dough for her and her boyfriend but apparently it didn't go to plan so I thought I'd make my own with the leftovers. My pizza ended up being amazing! So delicious and defintely something I'll make again. Unfortunately, I didn't have a rolling pin so it wasn't quite perfect but in all honesty, I was thoroughly impressed.
I really do feel like a druggy these days. I'm currently taking about 7 tablets a day: paracetamol and roacutane. Skin update: I've finally been bumped up to my maximum does and it's finally hit me. I have broken out big time this month, with painful acne on my chin and cheeks. They look horrendous and wake me up in the middle of the night but hopefully, this will be the worst of it for the rest of my life. If it is, I can cope.
 Sammy was very sad she didn't make it into the vlog but I didn't record all that much to be fair. She's still same old Sammy. Cute as ever.
One of the worst days was when we went to town. The girls and I all went and after a brief shopping spree - mainly at Lush - Bea, Clare and I headed to MOD Pizza for free pizza. Sam and Vicki disappeared and took forever so before I knew it, Clare and Bea had gone home, while the other two left me all alone eating a pizza I'd literally just ordered. It was awkward as hell.
 Of course, the pizza was worth it and afterwards, I took a slow walk over to the cinema to watch Instant Family, also for free. I then walked back home in the snow and met up with a couple of friends on the way back, before tagging along with them for an open mic night with a performance from my neighbours. The night defintely ended on a high so I felt happy when I get home, but the rest of it was hard.
 The final job on January's to-do list was to search for a venue for the Summer Ball I'm currently organising.
To finish, we had a big house party with around 60 people over and I even invited some archery people and had the most amazing time. I love every second of it and that's not normal for me. They really do bring out my best side and I will forever be thankful to them for that.

Oh and I completely forgot to mention my debate! I finished my first assessment of second year and everyone said I did really well. I memorised my script so felt very comfortable saying it. Unfortunately, I did mess up about half way through so that let me down a little bit as I ended up having to read the script and my rebuttal was a complete mess of sounds, but they were both well-written so hopefully the grade confirms it. I can't imagine that I failed but I know that my references are going to let me down a bit, as most of them as really old, but that's all I could find on the topic that I was given to cover.

I celebrated with my debate group and some other member's of my cohort as a new to me restaurant called Cosmo. I loved it. It was a Chinese buffet but had so much food, I was stuffed by the end of it!

It's actually been a really busy few weeks but it's just not been the place to record, hence the shorter vlog. Here's to next month!