My First Midwifery OSCE!

This post was meant to go live a long time ago but life got hectic and I only just got around to writing and sharing it. If you watched the vlog of me going and coming back from my OSCE you'll have seen that despite feeling absolutely terrible, I was really relaxed. If you compare this to my Medicine OSCE, it's a pretty crazy difference.

Medicine could have been on any number of examinations that we'd learnt in first year and then in second year it could have been on first or second year. The point being, we didn't know what it was and what would come up. We also didn't see any practice OSCEs, or have any mark schemes given prior. Plus, we had 8 to 10 different stations that ran very smoothly with timings going off on when to switch.

The midwifery OSCE was simple. We were told in advance it would be on hand washing and medicine management. They would continue on from each other and you could have pretty much as long as you needed. You didn't have to pass it to progress to the next year and it was formative. We also got given the entire mark scheme so it was pretty easy to memorise the steps to ensure full marks.

I enjoyed it for sure but it was very easy. I didn't feel any pressure on myself which made a nice change for once, and I would defintely tell everyone not to stress. It's over in about 5 minutes and the lecturers are pretty chatty before and after as well, trying to put you at ease.

My second year medicine OSCE ended up being switched to an OCAPE exam which required a lot more theory. Although, they are stepping it up with difficulty in second year medicine, I still don't think it will be quite that same. This year we have an obstetric emergency to deal with but instead of acting it out, you write the action plan on a board and discuss it.

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