Valentine's Day, New Piercings and Goodbye Wooden Bow!

With time to do self-directed work at university, the days were made busy with social outings! 

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We had a couple of busy days but a few days off in between to do self-directed work at university. As we all had a day off for the last time in a while, we headed to town for some fun. Vicki gave blood at the bank and then her and Sam decided to have a new piercing.
I didn't end up getting a picture of Sam's but I'm sure she'll share it soon enough. We ended up going to Cosmo for lunch and once again, I stuffed my face!
Valentine's Day was a huge fiasco. I'd originally planned a big meal out with my housemates but Clare and Vicki decided last minute to do something with their boyfriends, Sam decided the day before to go to lacrosse instead and Bea didn't know about it apparently. So in the end, despite all the time and effort of buying cards, chocolate and roses, I went with just Bridget.

I wore a soft pink look for the daytime.
Then switched it to a more bold red look for the evening.
The day was actually super fun. We had clinical skills and Bridget was hilarious, wearing two different shoes without realising!
I tried really hard to get them each a card that represented them each perfectly.
I'd never been to Wildwood but I was very excited to try it and I loved how they had something to suit everyone. My food was very yummy...especially the brownie to finish!

Of course, my date was even cuter and I love how Bridget and I just get on. I feel like we could tell each other anything and it would remain between just the two of us, which I'm all for always.
To finish the week, we played with dolls and learnt to make a poster in inter-professional learning. All very exciting and engaging. I do sometimes think that the university tries a little two hard to make lectures exciting.
I went to archery on the Friday and Saturday before driving back to the farm and it was strange shooting on Saturday. It was the last time shooting with my wooden bow and I felt somewhat sad to say goodbye but nevertheless, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I couldn't wait to get my new bow!