Support Study Abroad Post-Brexit!

Recently, the university has brought to my attention the study programmes that involve abroad placements and the issues that may arise after Brexit, especially if there is a No Deal at the time of leaving. As such, there is a push to share this with prescence on social media being a big drive for the government. Support Study Abroad is a petition that's been set up to support this.

1.    Please tweet at Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds @DamianHinds, urging him to commit to continue funding study abroad opportunities for UK students, even if they cannot negotiate continued participation in Erasmus + programme.
2.    Use the hashtag #SupportStudyAbroad from all your professional and, if you wish, personal Twitter accounts
3.    Please include a link to the campaign web page: 

Suggested tweets could include:
  • @DamianHinds, If we can’t stay in Erasmus+, will the UK government fund a national scheme to enable students to study abroad after Brexit? #SupportStudyAbroad  
  • @DamianHinds over 600,000 Brits have made personal and professional connections across the world through Erasmus+. Please ensure that we will have a national replacement for it! #SupportStudyAbroad  
  • @DamianHinds please commit to ensuring replacement Erasmus+ program in case of #NoDealBrexit! #SupportStudyAbroad
  • If we want a global Britain after Brexit, we must make sure we have the skills and connections to make it happen! @DamianHinds please commit to funding a replacement program for #Erasmus+ in case of #NoDealBrexit! #SupportStudyAbroad  
  • Students who study abroad do better academically and professionally than their peers, and bring with them real global networks. @DamianHinds please make sure the opportunities are there for students after we leave the EU. #SupportStudyAbroad