Back to Reality, Family BBQ and Swimming Fun!

I spent some time with family at a BBQ and a swimming pool party!

Click here to watch the vlog or see it below.
My mum loves celebrating and hosting parties. As much as she'll say she get's stressed and hates the pressure, she loves socialising, being surrounded by friends and family and having fun. Sometimes we do it for my birthday and sometimes we do it slightly later. This year we did it just after I got back to Croatia.
It was a beautiful day so I wore one of my favourite summer dresses. The food was delicious. It was so nice to catch up with friends and family, and of course, celebrate my cousins engagement!
As I was only back for a short week, I wanted to see as many people as possible! I went to Pugney's for a walk and to meet up with Maria. We enjoyed a gentle stroll before having an ice lolly and enjoying the sweaty summer heat.
It was seriously beautiful weather and my mum's cousins children have been absolutely begging me to go see them and go swimming with them. As a child, I grew up and had so much fun at the house their grandma lives in. The outdoor pool was my happy place. Now it's super cold but the hot tub was so much fun and very warm, after I braved the refreshing dip.
Once I'd dried off, we all enjoyed an ice lolly, before we left as I needed to pack and get ready for Wales!