Exploring Split, Leaving the City and Flying Home! (Croatia 2019)

With my tour cancelled, I walked around Split alone before getting on the plane back to England.

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I love going on guided tours when they are for a decent price. I found an incredible steal of a tour that included everything I wanted to see and hear about. Plus, the reviews for the guide were great and she was meant to be really knowledgeable and funny. It's the stories behind things that I like and given that some of the Game of Thrones scenes were filmed there, I thought it would make it even more special. Well anyway, the night before I was meant to go it was cancelled due to a family emergency. Obviously, if that's true I completely understand but given it was my last day in the city it was a real shame. 
As we were flying mid afternoon and didn't have access to a shower or any changing facilities, I didn't want to go to the beach and get salty and sandy, so I decided to head to Split anyway and walk around myself. I started with the outer and furthest side away and then made my way to the square, before walking to the square and then through the caves to the port.
My favourite part by the port was the map of Split. It was genuinely a perfect replica which is pretty surreal. 
Once finished, I headed back to the flat to meet the person who owns the flat and get our suitcases. The girls both ended up being late and I had to tell them about the potential additional charge to the room due to a broken curtain pole. Well of course, I was to blame and that's where the arguments started. By this point, I wasn't feeling very well and we were about to start a 9 hour travel day home. I was super dehydrated, hot and had a headache. Then of course, when I closed the plane blind, I got even more shouted at. One of the worst days of my life.
Honestly, I'm so grateful this trip is over. I hated it the majority of the time and I really needed it to be over for my own mental health and sanity.