Welcome to Croatia, a Holiday Birthday and a Sandy Beach! (Croatia 2019)

It's finally summer holiday time and Sam turns 20!

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After a busy couple of days spent travelling and enjoying time with family, I arrived in Cambridge to do some last minute shopping before heading to bed at Sam's for an early night. It wasn't too much of a rush the next day so we woke up and had a chilled breakfast before heading into London to fly from Heathrow. 

 The British Airways flight wasn't quite as luxurious as I expected after my Miami flight but I guess with just a short 2 hours flight, I shouldn't have expected greatness. To be honest, it was pretty basic plane and no different from other flights. After a safe flight, we landed and had probably the most stressful journey to our accommodation ever. We looked at taxi's for a while before heading to a bus stop and waiting for what felt like hours in the sweaty heat. Finally, the bus showed up and after an hour and a half travelling, we got dropped off at a bus stop where we then took an Uber to the flat before walking around for a little while.
I'm not exactly used to staying in cheap Air BnBs whilst on holiday as I prefer an all inclusive hotel so it wasn't my sort of holiday but the flat was nice enough. Small and quaint but everything we needed was there.

The next morning we woke up and celebrated Sam's birthday. She'd already opened a lot of her presents the day before in the UK but we'd brought some of the smaller presents and cards with us. Vicki made her breakfast before we started the unwrapping.
Despite having been told all the beaches were pebble beaches around Croatia, the one closest the flat was a perfect man-made sandy beach. It was lovely and a very pleasant surprise. The morning was a little overcast which made it much quieter than it could have been and it was quite nice. As I usually go to all inclusive's I wasn't aware you had to pay for sunbed's so the 100 kuna was a little steep for more liking but it meant a comfy sun bed.
Round the other side of the bay was a pebble beach that had clearer water so we went for a quick swim over there in the hopes of seeing some fish. I think it was probably a little too busy because while it was clear, there weren't many fish to see.
There were loads of restaurants at the side, between the two beaches. so we headed for some pizza for lunch. It was super yummy but very filling and I couldn't finish it so I ended up running it back to the flat to put in the fridge instead.
We had a bit of an earlier finish to the day so went home to get ready for Sam's birthday night. The girls ended up finding a bar crawl so after quickly getting ready, we rushed through tea before I dropped them off in the centre of Split. Luckily, I wasn't really hungry as I was still stuffed from tea so I just had fries whilst the girls had bigger meals.
Unfortunately, we only have one key for the flat so I had to leave my phone on loud when I went to sleep. I ended up getting woken up at 3am with two very drunk and loud girls. While they continued the party in the lounge I could not get back to sleep with the noise so two hours later, we finally all went to sleep. With a lot less sleep than I anticipated, it was not the best night.