Secret Beach, JetXtreme Experience and Split Concert! (Croatia 2019)

With a couple of beach days, we explored a new beach, saw a concert and I even went on an incredible speed boat trip.

Click here to see the vlog or watch below. 
Croatia is absolutely gorgeous. Vicki did some googling online and found a beach with great reviews, not too far away but it required a bus. Luckily, the buses aren't too expensive but they aren't very frequent, nor are they very fast. 
I am defintely glad we went. As you walk down it's so well hidden. It looks like it's completely mountainous but then this path leads you down to a gorgeous crystal clear water. We laid on the pebble beach as we read books and went swimming every so often. Sam and I kept going further afield and I'm so glad we did because the view looking back up into the cliffs was truly amazing. The crystal clear water and the luscious green foliage creates an incredible view.
It did have two slightly overpriced bars but given that there was nowhere else to go for quite a way it's understandable. Because of the limited shade, I ended up feeling a little worse for wear, so I ended up having a normal Coke and some chips and felt so much better!
In the evening, we headed down to the port for tea. We had the most amazing food - in fact, I think my favourite meal of the week! The bacon mac and cheese was truly incredible and it wasn't super cheesy or strong. I ate it all up and could have easily had another. I have been craving it every since.

The next day, we had a lovely day at the beach and then headed towards the other side of the city we had yet to explore for tea this time. We walked through the old city and then I loved my pasta carbonara but unfortunately, no one else did. The other two went for traditional Croatian dishes and were not impressed.
As they didn't want to stay at that restaurant, we ended up walking to almost a street bar set up, where there was some live music on. They weren't the best but it was fun to hear some live music. That's one of my favourite things to do on holiday and we saw nowhere else with live music (apart from the square itself) so it made a nice change.
I woke up bright and early ready to enjoy the sun once again. Vicki wanted to pay for the expensive sunbeds not near the sand at all which was a massive shame as it meant we then split up. While Sam sat with me for the first half an hour or so, she then went to join Vicki and never came back as promised. I ended up having to leave because I had a boat trip booked.
Just before I left, she did actually return and come down with me to the city centre to drop me off. I was so excited. The JetXtreme Experience sounded amazing and I love all boats, especially speed boats so I knew I would have a blast. The boat was so much fun and it was lovely to be able to have a break at such a beautiful island and beach. It went up and down, it did nose dives and got us soaking wet, and did spins in the wave. My favourite was when we went over the waves created by huge cruise ships, which then caused us to all be flung into the air. Amazing!
The water was so crystal clear and peaceful, and compared to the one near us, it actually had fish!

It was a bit of a shame I had to go alone as I think Sam would have loved it, but of course, Vicki talked her out of go. But nevertheless, I loved every moment of it.