Blue Cave, 5 Islands Tour and Wild Dolphins! (Croatia 2019)

A day trip to the Blue Cave and 5 Islands was topped by seeing wild dolphins...twice!

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The most longed and anticipated trip of the holiday was the 5 Island and Blue Cave tour. We got on a speed boat bright and early in the morning and then headed over to the Blue Caves first of all attempt to avoid the long queue. 
When we got there, there was still a long queue so we had a little bit of time to explore. I only wish I'd had longer so I could have gone swimming because look at how gorgeous and clear the water is! While the girls stayed at the bottom of the mountain, I walked to the top and enjoyed the absolutely stunning views.
When it was finally our turn to head into the caves, we joined the queue and boarded the small boat. We all ducked as we headed inside and then saw the sunlight hit the water through the small whole in the cave wall, creating the blue colour.
After the brief but beautiful trip in, we made our way back out. It was actually really special because we happened to go in when there was no one else there, when sometimes there can apparently be up to 4 boats inside!
Our next stop was the beach voted most beautiful. This was wear we managed to go swimming. It was remarkable because it's only accessible via the water and yet the boats can't get very close so everything has to be carried whilst swimming in the water. It's also a bay as blocked entirely by cliff walls on either side, before opening up again. There are so many fish, it was amazing to go snorkelling there.
On the way to out next beach, we got to see wild dolphins twice! If you didn't know, dolphins are my favourite animal and it made the day the most special. There were so many of them and they were practically swimming write next to us.
Our last stop was Hvar where we stopped for lunch at a little bistro restaurant, before separating to explore the city. I would have thought that's what we all wanted to do, but Vicki decided she just wanted to chill so I walked the length of the coast one way and enjoyed the little houses and shops along the way.
Then I walked up the steep millions of step towards the castle at the top. It took a little longer than I expected and I didn't want to miss the boat so I ended up turning around about 3 quarters of the way up and made my way to the other side of the port instead.
As we said goodbye to the beautiful city, I enjoyed a lovely ice cream to cool down a little.
It was quite a long boat journey back and the boat was not the most comfortable but I enjoyed the view and the trip. We got back and got ready for the evening. The girls were taking a little longer so I decided to head out early and watch the sunset. At the spot I found, a guy with a drone ended up joining me and making me so jealous. He was flying over the city and the sunset in the background was just stunning!
Sam and I have so much fun together when we're alone. I wish she was always the same.