Top 5 Tips for Split, Croatia!

Croatia is such a beautiful country. I absolutely loved exploring the cities I visited but there are definitely some things I wish I’d known before I went.
  1. Take wet shoes! Luckily my sister warned me of the pebble beaches across the whole of Croatia the day before I flew so I had time to quickly nip into Cambridge and buy some before coming. It’s was definitely a worth while £7 investment as wet shoes would be my number one must have item for Croatia. I don’t think you realise how painful pebbles are to walk on bare foot. 
  2. Get the Airport Shuttle Bus to and from the airport. We ended up walking around for a while, waiting for a bus for ages, then getting an hour and a half bus to the bus station, before getting an Uber from there. It was one of the most stressful journeys of my life, especially after a long journey. I’m all for saving money but I much prefer an easier journey. For the journey back, I did some research and found the Airport Shuttle Bus takes 30-40 minutes, comes every hour and is a direct link from the port to the airport for only 34 kuna (less than £5!). Plus it’s so much less stressful as you don’t have to change at all. 
  3. Two must do trips are at least one of the National Parks and the Islands. I shared my full opinion on the full day trips here and here but definitely do them if you get the chance! 
  4. The secret beach! It’s not really a secret but there is a gorgeous, very private and secluded beach in the middle of what feels like a forest. It’s absolutely stunning and I would definitely recommend going. From the fountain at the end of the port, you take the number 12 bus and then get off at the sign to the beach. 
  5. Explore Split in a tour or walking around solo relatively early, that way you can know what to do and where restaurants and places are. Especially, all the tour places. I found so many cheaper options towards the end of the holiday and found a trip to Dubrovnik which I could have made work after all. 
Have you been to Croatia? What would be your number one tip?