Bloom & Wild: March 2023 (Review)

Another month, another bouquet of flowers. I still think this is the best Christmas gift I ever could have asked for. I love flowers and I love getting a little surprise present every month. I was a little disappointed with the available options this time so I decided to let them pick for me and I couldn't be more happy. I did reach out to customer services to enquire about this though and they have confirmed which bouquet I will get next month and it's going to be very different so I am quite excited! 

I received The Gita bundle. The main flower in this bouquet is yellow roses. These are known as a cheerful bloom and also the flower of friendship. It has 15 stems including roses, alstroemeria, limonium, hypericum and eucalyptus.

You can purchase your own flowers and enjoy the perks of fresh flowers in your own home. Flowers have actually been shown to improve mood, reduce depression and positively influence your mindset. They also act as nature natural conversation starters and add a sense of intentionality to your space. For someone who isn't a green fingered individual, keeping plants alive has always been a struggle for me so I'm loving having these and getting tips each month to look after them in the best way. 

This is how the flowers first looked when they arrived. You can see the difference after they start to bloom. Just to note, this did contain 3 different stems from a previous bouquet also.