Scare Reaction, Cupboards Fitted and Holiday Prep!

A short and sweet vlog with utility room updates and holiday prep. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I headed to work for my last shift before returning home for 2 weeks of annual leave. When I got back, the plumber had already arrived half an hour early and scared me to death because it was so unexpected. They ended up finishing the tiling and grouting, but unfortunately the final part for the toilet wasn't in, so it was still a waiting game to get a functional toilet and sink. Honestly, I'm getting very frustrated about the whole thing. 

The day before, the utility room units also got fitted which I had hoped would run smoothly, but sadly that also wasn't quite the case. Nevertheless, they are now all fitted and I will share the entire process soon. In the meantime, the vlog has a sneak peak of the utility room. 

On Friday, it was all about holiday prep. I packed and sorted my toiletries, all ready to add the final touches in the morning. I did a few jobs around the house to get everything cleared and sorted. I also did a load of laundry to be drying whilst I was away and registered at my new GP. I then headed out to the beauticians for a manicure and pedicure and I think I may have find my go to hair and beauty salon. I picked a fun orange shade which I thought was perfect for the Caribbean. 

When I got back, I ended up watching some television, before having tea, then heading to my bedroom. With bills getting more and more expensive as the days go on, I decided to just heat the one room in the house and so headed upstairs to watch television, whilst waiting for my mum and sister to arrive. They ended up coming pretty late so once we got ready for bed, we watched Love Island and then got a relatively early night.