Easter Decor Inspiration and Haul 2023

With all the work and renovations that's been going on at the house, I missed decorating for Valentine's Day which I normally would celebrate, so I wanted to go all out for Easter. As I constantly say, I love celebrating every holiday and just decorating gives me simple joy, but I am also a stickler for colour schemes and what I would call tasteful decor. 
This year I reused some of my pre-existing decorations, including these little wooden rabbits. I put two in the kitchen and one in the spare bedroom. 
For the new decorations, I continued the theme of wood and neutral colours, alongside burlap. I set up my Easter table and I love it. I did have my Bloom + Wild flower bouquet taking centre stage. In this vase are some flowers from my aunt as well, as she bought me flowers nearly 4 weeks ago and they have lasted so well. I have my placemats from Dunelm and napkins from Amazon. I paired this with wooden bunny ear napkin rings and matching mini versions called table confetti. I then later moved the flowers to the lounge and instead but two little ceramic bunnies in the middle instead. These bunnies are from a beautiful little shop in the UK called Pretty Little Home and I am obsessed. 

I put another old Easter banner over my fire place. I can't tell you how much I love having a fireplace to decorate! The banner is sadly no longer available, but there are some similar ones to find on Amazon. I added an Easter themed slogan to the light up box and then the other two bits are again from Pretty Little Home. There are 3 miniature speckled ceramic bunnies and a sign that says "Every Bunny Welcome". 
Also in the lounge and utility room, I bought these little honeycomb rabbits which matched the colour schemes perfectly. They're just little extra touches and I think they're super cute and dainty. I was hoping they'd be able to stand but I have found places to hang them. 
Finally, in the lounge I placed on the table what is called a "grazing board" but I think it's cute as it is. Maybe in the future I will put food on it, but for now I like it more as a centre piece that can be used annually. 
In the hallway, I bought these wooden rabbits to go up the stairs which I think adds a perfect little touch. I couldn't resist hanging up another wreath on the front door to finish the extent of my decor. I honestly couldn't find one that I loved. I originally bought a foliage and burlap one, but it looked so fake, I had to return it. I decided to continue the rabbit and wood theme, with one that said "Hello Spring". I still don't love the foliage but for the price, I think it's good value. 
What do you think? Do you like the decorations? Do you decorate for Easter?