Utility Renovation: Building a Stud Wall and Plastering

I'd originally booked for one building company to do the full job of the utility room, but as things fell apart, I decided to just do one step at a time which has made it slightly more complicated looking back, however at least it got things moving. 

My dad built a big wall in his garage last year, as he split his quadruple garage into two double garages, making one into a yoga studio for his girlfriend. It actually looks really good and I was impressed with the finish so I asked if he could build the wall in my utility room because it's only small. He thankfully said yes and made it my Christmas present. Of course, it was suppose to be completed last year but nevertheless, it's finally been built. 

He came over and built a stud wall out of timber first. He used a piece at the top and bottom, then 5 longitudinal, building around a 2 foot door frame and finishing it with plasterboard so that it's ready to be plastered. 
I had arranged for a number of different plasterers to come and quote for the work and the plumber had also arranged for a colleague to come over to quote also. Due to childcare, his friend cancelled but an alternative came instead and that's who I ended up booking. Quotes varied from £350 - £406, although one quoted without seeing the room and said £1,150 which was way above my budget. Frustratingly, the plasterer was suppose to come Thursday and Saturday and then ended up cancelling which of course delayed all the work. I gave him a week to rearrange the dates, messaging every other day to chase, before ringing and ended up decided I needed to go with someone else. 

The new plasterer unfortunately no longer had availability for when I was originally looking at, but with not much luck with the other reasonable quotes, I booked him in for the next date possible. He came on time and finished early. 

The room was quite a mess afterwards. There was plaster all over the floor, ceiling, doors and windows. I tried to get it off but as the plaster was still wet, it was falling on the parts I didn't want to damage. I also ended up having to call him back because he'd missed two huge sections. He wasn't very happy initially but afterwards, he did apologise and say that it was his fault which felt nice.