Dumbo (Review)

It's been out for a while already but I finally got around to watch Dumbo and I loved it! Click here to watch the trailer or see below.
I might be in the minority but I happen to love all the Disney remakes. I think I’ll always love the animated versions, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying the original too. I am very much enjoying all of them.

I’m going to keep this review a little shorter and more simple than some of the others because it’s now out on DVD but I only just got around to watching it.
I thought it was a great film. I loved the premise and I can’t really compare it to the original, as I wasn’t a huge fan of it so only ever watched it once and therefore can’t really remember it, nor comment on the similarity between the two.

Personally, I loved the interactions between the characters and the premise of the film. I was really impressed by the child actors who took over and contributed the most, by far.
Finally, I enjoyed how the directors and technology captured the personality of Dumbo. It was the childlike innocent that the elephant showed which made the children connect with him even more.
I did think the film was a little boring in parts and unfortunately, a little slow, overall it was very enjoyable. Despite, this, I don’t particularly think I would choose to watch the film again so perhaps that says something.


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