London, Visiting Family and Cambridge!

A shorter vlog this week! I had a day trip to London, visited my sister and explored Cambridge.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. For a private family vlog, see here.
I love travelling and road trips but I defintely do not like living out of a suitcase. Regardless, I had a busy few days enjoying the South of England this week.

I spent the first day of my little travelling trip in London. I drove down to near my sister's house and then parked at the train station before heading on the train to London. From there, my first stop was Camden Town. My old home and the place I've been wanting to go for months, ever since Naked Dough opened in the market! Be sure to read my review here to see if the trip was worth it.
I went to meet an old university friend from UCL at my favourite London Italian, Vapiano's. I love how casual the restaurant is and the relaxed nature of the place.
Finally, I headed to the Adelphi Theatre. Here, I watched Waitress the Muscial, again something else I've been dying to see in London and it didn't disappoint. Read my review here.
Then I walked home through my favourite place at Covent Garden before heading back to my sister's on the train.
The next day, I woke up bright and early to the screams of my little nephew. I will never mind waking up to him or his sister. While my brother-in-law took my nephew to nursery and my sister headed to work, I had a relaxed morning before getting ready for the day and playing with my niece. I'm still not quite used to this short hair but I'm sure I'll love it eventually. I think it's just when I catch my hair in the reflection and I have to have a second look.
For lunch, I shared the cookie dough treat but for some reason she just ate the marshmallows instead which made me laugh. Then my dad surprised me by showing up. I'm still not quite sure why, since he only stayed for a few hours but nevertheless. While he and his ex-wife headed out for lunch, I looked after my niece and enjoyed some cuddles on the couch, before going for a walk and picking my nephew up from nursery.
The next day, we had a lovely day. I started the morning by going swimming with H and then we headed back the house for lunch before heading to the garden centre for some fun and a quick trip out. Then it was still a nice day, so we spent some time in the garden and then my littlest love helped me vacuum. I'm so glad he warmed up to me quickly and H still remembers me. It makes my heart so sad to leave them. I love them so much and wish I could spend more time with them.
On Sunday, we didn't do very much but we had a lovely Sunday lunch and chilled with family.
The next day I headed to Cambridge. I arrived at Sam's house and to my surprise, they were already home from their family holiday to Cornwall. I decided to give them some space and head into town for some last minute shopping. Cambridge will always be one of my favourite cities. I love the buildings, the river and the punting. But with so many tourists stopping in the middle of the street to take photos it can get a little chaotic.
All in all, it was a very successful brief shopping trip. I got my water shoes for £7 from Sports Direct, travel money and card from the Post Office and a couple other bits as well. I can't wait for Croatia so stay tuned for those vlogs!