House Renovations, 21st Celebrations and Alton Towers!

With new house changes and a fun birthday celebration, the week ended with a trip to Alton Towers.
Click here for the vlog or see below.
Despite paying the same amount of rent, the landlord somehow thinks he can still do all the work in the house without compensating us. Of course, we end up with a nicer property but nevertheless, it's a little frustrating. On one day, they ripped up the carpet in the lounge and hallway then put down new laminate. The next they did the kitchen. Then the next week they replaced all the counters in the kitchen and changed the back splash. It looks nice and the floor is now much easier to clean, however we will now have to mop more. In the kitchen, it feels a little smaller because it's much darker but other than that, it's super nice. See the before and afters on the vlog!
With 3 shifts in a row, it's hard to stay on top of social plans, let along food shopping. I literally had hardly any food in for my night shifts so I ended up having to feed myself on some leftovers in my fridge which meant I had probably the healthiest night shift tea I've ever had. Personally, I find night shifts tiring and exhausting and need the extra calories so I ended up stealing an NHS yogurt which helped me get through.
I ended up going back to the farm before the Wiltshire holiday and there was a few surprises awaiting me at home. The biggest by far, was the new outdoor furniture. We've been trying to sell the farm house for a long long time, and I think my mum has finally realised that it's looking unlikely that it's going to happen so it's now been taken off the market, and instead, they're making some modern changes to the property, starting with furniture. It looks gorgeous and it's defintely practical with the extra seating, but it's not the most comfortable. It was lovely to sit down and bond with my sister as she told me about her future plans with studying and working life. Her current plans are to do a part-time teaching degree, while working with children as of January.
Amazingly, we all had the day of work for Christine's birthday, except Sam who had probably the worst shift and ended up getting back super late unfortunately. It meant we ended up being a little late for the birthday meal but at least we made it there. I've never eaten at the Alchemist and while the menu was lovely, and the food yummy, it was incredible loud, we were all shouting and could barely hear each other which was a shame. I probably won't go there again for a Saturday evening meal, at least not for a social event.
Finally, I ended the week with a trip to Alton Towers. Amazingly, I managed to get discounted tickets for the whole party as I had the NHS discount. I'm not the biggest fan of theme parks so I wasn't expecting it to be the best day but I thought I'd have fun regardless. It was a cute double date and the others all had fun.
Unfortunately, it was absolutely miserable weather. It rained non-stop and was pretty cold but we still made the most of the day and it meant 2 things. First of all, there was hardly any queuing involved therefore we all managed to go on nearly every single ride and secondly, we get a free ticket to go back another day!
I went on all the rides that I wanted to, as did they, except L missed out on one as he didn't want to go alone and the other one was closed. It was funny, Harriet and David still wanted to go on it, despite being told people had been stuck on it for 2 hours.