Naked Dough (Review)

I have wanted to try Naked Dough for months, ever since I first saw them advertised on Instagram so I finally got around to taking a trip to London and visit their store at Camden Town Market. There is nothing I love more than cookie dough and raw cookie dough is my favourite.

Naked Dough is raw cookie dough which is made using the same techniques as home baking. It's edible and gluten-free, vegan and probably one of the most sugary desserts. The dough can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or frozen for 12 months.
I ended up getting 4 pots so that I could take them back to my sisters for presents. You can select the dough, as well as the toppings:
  • Emoji Poos: vanilla dough and chocolate chips x2 
  • Mud Bath: dark chocolate chips and cocoa cookie dough
  • I Dough: white chocolate chips and Vanilla cookie dough
You could also then add your own toppings. I chose a mix of marshmallows and lotus biscuits. 

The dough is beyond amazing! Definitely worth the trip down. I love that it's slightly sickening because it means that the dough lasts a while as you can only eat a small amount at a time. Surprisingly, the chocolate cookie dough is less sickening and so I think I preferred it. 

The staff were amazing. So kind and very accommodating. She packaged up the dough lovely, with lids, plenty of spoons and napkins as well.