Twycross Zoo, Castle Ruins and Riverside Festival!

Another busy week of fun called for Twycross Zoo, a little walk around some ruins and enjoying the Nottingham Riverside Festival. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
The day after Alton Towers was thankfully a sunny, warm and beautiful day in July. It wasn't too hot but it was perfect and just what we needed after the miserable downpour of the previous day. I think it's safe to say that both L and I love animals and taking photographs. Some of these photos are actually Ls so I better give him so credit. I love walking around and looking at all the animals. It was a very peaceful day. 
The little birds having a bath were cute but I had to take pictures of the flamingos for Sam and of the giraffe for Ellie.
The cutest part was seeing all the babies. There were quite a few baby monkeys, including two adorable orangutan babies who were being just as cheeky as you'd expect. They were absolutely adorable and so fun to watch them climb. Near the entrance was a huge glass wall which had a very overgrown enclosure within. We walked past twice but couldn't see anything. At the end of the day, we went to sit inside - away from the sun - at the cafe, and amazingly, the snow leopards came out for a little while. The female only for a few minutes but the male stayed and basked in the sun for a while. Apparently, they'd just had 4 kittens and so were staying inside for the majority of the time. It was so amazing to see. 
Despite having some work to do and wanting to get an early night, we ended up then going to see some ruins of a nunnery which although isn't really my thing, I was really impressed. I loved seeing the map of it before it was ruined, but also it was in such a pretty, private and secluded area. Very peaceful.
To end the busy week, L and I headed to the Nottingham Riverside Festival. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the dragon boat races, especially seeing all the costumes - pirate and Mario Bros.
It was much bigger than I'd originally expected and in a much nicer area than the two previous events I'd been by Nottingham Council at the Forest Recreation Ground. I would defintely go back.
I could have easily spent longer there, listening to all the different live music. There was a huge range of artists, all of which were good, however not nearly enough seating for everyone.
We ended up wondering back along the river and bumping into Harriet and David. We caught the tram back to near my house, then called at the pub before heading to the cinema to see The Lion King. David and I were both desperate to see it so we dragged Harriet (who had never seen the original!) and L with us.
Looking back on these days and last week's vlog, I realise I had such a a busy week! No wonder I feel exhausted and drained.