Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood (Review)

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Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood was a trailer that stood out above all others for it's star line up and increible cast. Brad Pitt, Leonardo di Caprio and Margot Robbie. Brad and Leo are now much older and portraying characters that favour this age group. It is a little shocked as they have tended to play leading men in the past, but now they are defintely looking their ages and I think it will be interesting to see the further roles they continue to play in the future.
I'm a huge fan of Margot and have been since her days on Neighbours as Donna. I'm so proud of the work she's done since then and I'm sure she's living her best life in America. I was a little disappointed with her role in this film. Her acting was sublime and the eccentric character personality was captured perfectly. However, I think the trailer portrayed her character has having a much bigger role and in actual fact, she's not in the film all that much.
One of the interesting parts of the film is that as it is - very loosely - based on real life and as such, they used some of the old Hollywood film clips in the actual movie which I felt was a nice tribute.
The final actress worthy of a mention is the little girl. She is such a huge character and the two scenes she has with Leo both blew my mind. In fact, I think she's one of the reasons I liked the film so much in the middle.
However much I love the cast, the film plot and cast was just questionable. It was confusing, it was incoherent and the multiple stories didn't seem to flow in the slightest. There was an additional cast featured, of a hippie group, and despite the few scenes they were in, I didn't feel like it added anything and I was super confused at the end when they were linked to the conclusion. Honestly, it made no sense at all. 
Overall, I didn't get the story at all and I felt the ending was actually quite disappointing as I was so confused and felt it didn't round of the film at all. Sometimes it can be nice to end on a cliff hanger and then you can somewhat decide your own ending but this was just a confusion bubble. Plus, I don't think anything was really explained in full throughout which made it even more confusing.