Holiday Cottage Tour, Wiltshire!

With a last minute change of plans to our holiday cottage, we had less than a month before the planned trip to find a new place to stay. Luckily, there was one potential and we took full advantage straight away! 

My mum found this gorgeous 3 bedroom cottage in Hinton Charterhouse. I've been trying to find a link online but I can't! I will update if it becomes available!

The top floor is the master bedroom with a huge bed, a seating area and en-suite bathroom. The only slightly disappointing part was that there was no door just an open landing. Also, the bathroom had a very poor extractor fan therefore became very condensated and with no mirror in the bedroom, it caused a few issues. 
The second bedroom was just as big, with a huge wardrobe, storage cupboard and even a desk with a mirror to get ready in the morning. There was also a full length mirror which was really useful.
 The third room was a little smaller with no storage space but just as beautifully decorated.
There was a big bathroom on the first floor with lots of towel racks - useful for 4 people - and a bath tub, with overhead shower. Interestingly, the en-suite also had a bath. However, the over head shower and slanted ceilings meant I kept hitting my head because there wasn't enough room.
The kitchen was without a doubt, my favourite room. It was stunning, very modern and had lovely details, including a butchers block island. I didn't take a photo of the lounge for some reason but it had 2 big sofas and a separate seat as well.
Finally, the garden. There was an outside table leading to a patio area with a BBQ and further seats, before the slanted grass with planting either side and trees towards the bottom for shade.
Overall, it was gorgeous and I loved all decorations. All the bedrooms had their own televisions, and there was also one in the lounge. For us, the massive down side was that there was no downstairs toilet and unfortunately, my grandma struggles with stairs so it made it a little difficult. However, other than that it was almost perfect.