Happy International Women's Day!

Once again, today we celebrate International Women’s Day. It also falls on the same week as Mother's Day, like it did back in 2018

With that, I want to share a story. If you’d have asked me two years ago to share a selfie with no makeup, I would have run away and hid. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, but now I am. I’ve worked hard on learning to accept myself, but I’ve also had a treatment of roaccutane and committed to a high quality skincare regime. Both of which have helped me love my skin. What I think is important to remember though, is that it’s not how we look, but how we feel on the inside. I wish I’d learnt that lesson a long time ago because for years I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

Today, I want to share a reminder that on International Women’s Day, we celebrate all women, regardless of appearance. We should support each other, non-judgementally, and build each other as a collective. Women are incredible. I’m so lucky that both my “day job” and “side hustles” revolve around advocating for women and building their confidence in themselves. Advocating for women is one of my passions and I hope it always will be. Whoever and wherever you are, have courage and confidence in yourself. You are amazing. 

Happy International Women's Day! May we know strong women, be strong women and raise strong women.