Sunset Walks, Attempted Stargazing and Different Deers!

I've been busy at work the past couple of weeks and not into vlogging quite as much as normal, but enjoying some outdoor activities in my downtime with friends and family. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After a few busy shifts and working nights, I woke up from my sleep day early afternoon and made my way over to Luke's house for the weekend. I hadn't been there for a while but technically, the entire household is my support bubble so I am allowed. It was nice to have a change of scenery, especially for a different view and change of walks. Instead of canals, it's muddy fields and I love it! We took Chester, Luke's dog for one of the walks and he went crazy with a stick. 

On another walk, we walked up to a castle to see the sunset and watch it set over the village. It was very peaceful and relaxing. We spent the weekend playing board games, and watching television, specifically Wanda Vision. I watched the first episode and wasn't in love, I just didn't get it but now it's really good so I can't wait for the last couple of episodes. 
When I got back, I had some really exciting packages. I finally received my customised, personalised graduation picture, which I actually won in a competition and it's so perfect! Later in the week, I also had my Graze box and Homethings packages delivered too. I can't wait to share full reviews of all that soon. 
After another week of shifts, it finished with a training day so a nice normal day (almost), with 8am to 5pm. I even treated myself to a Costa bacon sandwich on the way because I was out of the house extra early. 
After work, as I was already out of the house I decided to head to Luke's house again. I ended up calling at KFC on the way because Luke had already got food in, and I didn't want him to have to cook me something separately. It worked out well, because as we both had an early tea, we went for an evening drive to a secluded woodland opening and did some stargazing. I wanted to share quite a few of the pictures so I've shared this experience in a separate post instead. 

On Saturday, I was lucky to have a little lie in and then Luke and I headed out. We went for a bit of a drive, before arriving at a large garden centre. I'm looking for decor for my new office still, but also wanted some indoor and outdoor plants. In the end, I didn't find anything I loved, but we went to BNM on the way back and I found some little bits I really liked, so bought some items for cheap, including some perfect faux succulents. We also made some yummy Terry's Chocolate Orange melt in the middle puddings which were really easy and turned out great.
On Sunday, after bacon sandwich breakfast in bed, we headed for a lovely walk through fields, golf courses and a forest. I was pleasantly surprised that Luke wanted to bring his camera, so we had a mini photoshoot and I love the pictures! I decided to share a few of these pictures in my stargazing tips post so head over there to see them. Luke made a scrumpscious homemade roast dinner for lunch and it was truly amazing! Then after watching some television, I headed back home ready for another day of work. 
Another day, another training day. This time, just a half day but it started at 7 and finished at 12.30pm so I was exhausted by the end of it. On the way back, I stopped by Emma's house and we headed to Wollaton for a walk. We ended up getting a little lost on the way back so had an extended detour, but luckily the weather was quite mild so the 3 hr walk was nice and refreshing. Plus, we found a couple of really nice houses for sale as we're both looking at the moment! We saw so many deer, it was really nice to see the variation. From there, I headed to Sainsbury's to pick up some little lunchtime items and then headed home for some much needed rest before Luke came over for mac n cheese for tea.

The next day was a bit of a rest day, but I was also busy getting things ticked off on my to do list, so everything is almost done! It was extra nice to have another 1 hr overtime of training to do, and it was something I actually found really interesting too.