Homemade Roast, Shift Recovery and Garden Weeding!

I'm utterly exhausted but trying to enjoy the warmer weather with lots of walks, yummy food and doing the next steps in the garden. 

Click here for the vlog or see below. 

Hello! After 3 weeks (?!) away from uploading, I'm back with a vlog. I took a few weeks off recording and then put a few clips from different weeks together with this one. I've been doing a lot of night shifts recently and night shifts just completely take it out of me. It takes me about 3 days to recover after a night shift and it's not a lot of fun. I'll be honest, I'm not a nice person. I like sleeping and not talking, but I also like Luke being there to cuddle me and massage me, which is so hard, cause he likes to be constantly active when he's not at work. Whereas my work is constantly busy, hands on and crazy, his is sat at a desk 8am - 5pm every day. It's so different, it's hard. 

After falling asleep on him for the second time in a day, I sent him off for a walk. Whilst he was out, I tried to be productive and kicked my put into action. I tidied the lounge, did the washing up, cleaned the kitchen, did some vegetable prep and then got showered and dressed for the day...at 3pm. When he got back he didn't really notice of course, but I felt like I made an effort at least. I made a beautiful homemade roast with non-Aunt Betsy's yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes for the first time and it really was delicious. 

The last week or so has been truly beautiful weather. It's been lovely and sunny, not too windy and much milder temperatures. I had two days off, but I still had 2 work meetings and then the next day, I attended the RCM Conference. I also did some undecorating from Valentine's Day and then put up the Easter bits a little earlier, because I still wanted a little centrepiece. I love seasonal decorations and celebrating every event so this is my little Easter corner for this year. I went simple with some bunny rabbit bunting and some wooden rabbits. 

The meetings were great but I defintely needed to get out of the house, so when Luke came over, I was already waiting outside to go for a walk, which ended up being a lovely sunset walk alongside the river, and then back up along the canal. 

Once again, after 3 nights, Luke came over and it was just a rubbish day for me. I was exhausted and there was a list of things I wanted to get done, but instead, Luke wanted to do the garden. The garden needed doing and I'm so glad he did it, but I defintely complained as he did it...sorry babe! We also finished the study, and I will be sharing a reveal for that very soon. 
The next day, I actually wore makeup for the first time in March and it felt so amazing. I love how I look and feel when I get completely ready for the day, I just hate the act of actually doing it. I ended up cleaning the house a bit, doing the last load of laundry and then meeting my cousin for a walk. We went along the canal for just under 2 hours, before going back home as she had a phone call. It was a lovely day and I was originally wearing a dress, but I did switch to leggings before leaving. 

Once again Luke came over in the evening, which was lovely to see him. We're watching Star Girl at the moment and it's really good, but I do fall asleep from exhaustion quite a lot. Due to my shifts and then getting my second Covid-19 vaccine, I actually won't be seeing him for a while which is a little sad, but hopefully soon he'll be buying a house!