March 2020 Round Up!

Another month, another round up! Are you enjoying these posts?

Book: It's really bad but this month I haven't read any books. I just haven't had a lot of free time and when I have, my eyes feel so heavy and tired, I couldn't think of anything worse than reading. 

Film: Once again, I haven’t really watched films recently. We watched Destination Wedding at the start of the month and it was alright but a pretty strange and overall strange film. We also watched The War with Grandpa and Made in Italy which were two really fun, easy going films...much needed after stressful shifts. 

TV Show: Wanda Vision has been a great season opener and debut series for Marvel. I didn't love the first episode but the rest have been amazing. By myself, I've watched Ginny and Georgia, which I've really enjoyed. I've also loved watching Blown Away and Motherhood for an easy to watch 20 minute show, in some short gaps between activities. 

Podcast: It's only got 3 episodes but it's Stacey Solomon all over, with her fun attitude and crazy antics in "Here We Go Again". They talk about a birth story, postnatal period and Mrs Hinch.

Blogger: Abby Smith from Twist Me Pretty, continues to share gorgeous hair styles. I love braids and I keep practicing but can't wait for my hair cut and thinning soon!

YouTuber: My favourite YouTuber this month has been Julie, from Deru Crew Vlogs. They've recently announced they're expecting their fifth and last baby, plus she's been sharing lots of amazing tips and honest sit down videos recently. 

Personal Blog Post: I actually really enjoyed writing and collecting the different discount codes. I love having everything in one place and now if I need to update them, or if I want to direct someone, I can just share one simple link. 

Personal Vlog: I haven't vlogged so much recently because live has been a little repetitive and busy, but my favourite has been the stargazing trip. It was a change of scenery, mix up of activities and I also saw my cousin and friends!

Personal Memory: My favourite memory this month is the simple fact that so many of my loved ones are now getting their Covid-19 vaccines. My grandma is now fully vaccinated, as am I. Plus my mum and dad have now both had their first doses. 

Summary: Lots of training and shifts have kept me busy, but I've also booked some much needed annual leave, made plans for the future and spent time with loved ones during downtime. 

Inspiring: For me, quotes are always something I've found really touching and I've also been struggling at work. This month, I've tried really hard to stay positive and be gentle on myself. I'm new, I'm learning and I've got this. 

Frightening: I don't think I ever mentioned it, but my grandma had a bit of an accident at home and ended up having a significant leg injury. Luckily, she's okay at the moment, but when they get to that fragile age, it's always scary. 

Next Month: I'm looking forward to seeing how this political roadmap maps out and keeping everything crossed that I can my family again soon. 

How are you feeling about lockdown restrictions easing?