Student Midwife Q+A for the NMA Journal!

It's been a while since I talked about the NMA Journal and of course, I'm no longer involved in it like I used to be. I still love following along and reading the latest editions, so when the new Editor got in touch and asked me to answer her questions, I couldn't say no. I ended up writing this back in October, but it's only just been published, and reading it back, it really does cover so much of my student midwife journey so I thought I would share it here too. 

You can click on the images to enlarge them, or read the full journal here. The theme this month was all about "Placement Experience" so if you're a student midwife or nurse, it's a really great place to read other's experience of it and get some tips! 

The NMA Journal was my baby for so long and I put so much hard work, effort and energy into it. I am so proud to see the tradition continue, and so happy I have created a little legacy that will hopefully be around for years to come.