Small Furniture Home Haul!

I'm always looking for decor and furniture. Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok are pretty bad for my bank balance, but for the most part, I'm looking into the future. A girl can dream! Nevertheless, some new big pieces of furniture have finally arrived since I shared my house reveals room-by-room, and the office space is finally feeling more homely, rather than an empty space. I thought I'd share some of the bits I've purchased over the past couple of months and then next week, I'll be revealing my office. 

First, my sofa finally arrived. I ordered the sofa back in September with DFS. It was a really simple online process, but I was originally told it would be delivered before Christmas. It didn't end up arriving until mid-February, but luckily I decided to buy a temporary, relatively cheap sofa from Ikea in the meantime. It was still a little frustrating, but it's finally here and it's incredibly comfortable. 

My office desk is probably the oldest item in this haul but I still wanted to share because I think it's really affordable and works great for my little space. I like that it's got drawers for storage, but also shelving to display different items. 

For my office chair, I fell in love with one from Argos but it's currently out of stock. I ended up getting one from Amazon which was very similar. I wanted a chair that fit under my desk, whilst also being stylish and supportive for my back. The rooms quite small so this was important to me, so that it didn't overpower the space. 

I have also purchased a little black table. I wanted it to be a versatile piece, so this is waterproof so can be used indoors or outdoors, whilst also having removal trays. I also really liked how easy it was to put together. 

Finally, the last piece is for downstairs! I bought a small table top ironing board. This one goes perfectly with my kitchen decor, whilst also being perfect for the storage space I have available. Of course, it would be preferable to have a 

I can't wait to share the new finished office on Friday. Having a home is so much fun!