Demolition, Progress and Nightmare Plumber Situation

With the electrics being almost completed, my dad and his girlfriend came over for a weekend to help with some renovations and demolition. We completely ripped out the old wall units and cupboard in the corner, removed the wall panelling around the outside and took up half the flooring, which will be having tiling going down for the toilet. It definitely looks a little like a building site right now. 

We also added some beading around the fireplace. I honestly don't love it because it's not perfectly cut and painted, but it means there isn't a huge gap anymore. Sadly, there is a lot of damage from glue getting on the wall that I can't get off. I did end up later adding beading to the inner border of the fireplace as well, which I am now happier with. 

We also finished the work, by adding skirting board around either side of the fireplace. One side looked a mess as had plaster on show that was uneven and not painted. The other had none and looked fine, just wasn't symmetrical. I couldn't buy the skirting board in small amounts, so I had to buy 2 long pieces but I think it will be enough to finish and complete the utility room which is good. 
The biggest issue I'm having is finding someone to do the work. Originally, I was getting the people who did the bathroom upstairs to complete it and it was planned to be done in October. With the drama of that project and being unhappy with the finish, I cancelled that job. I then got another colleagues partner round. He came to do some last finishing touches in the bathroom and I was really happy with the work. He said he would send over the quote etc and then do the work the first week in November. I chased the quote a number of times and all of a sudden he stopped replying so I kind of gave up. I then had another building company plan to come, and was super excited as they had great reviews but then he cancelled on a couple of occasions due to complications in his wife's pregnancy, which of course although frustrating, I can't really not be sympathetic, considering my job. I had another plumber come and give a quote just for the plumbing work to be completed and I'm now waiting for his quote. Please have your fingers crossed because I am struggling.