Room Tour: Living Room (Buying my First Home)

The living room was the final room (bar the big utility renovation) to be finished, not because it wasn’t liveable but because of the massive delay in getting my second sofa. I previously bought my sofa from SCS and I wanted a matching one so that I had a pair. It was initially meant to come in September, then it was delayed until 14th October, 21st October and finally it got delivered on 25th October! 
I had this room painted for the majority in the same shade as the rest of the house, however I also decided to wallpaper either side of the chimney breast. I have to say I completely love the wallpaper and how perfectly it matches the colour scheme, sadly, not so much the finish. 
The chimney breast itself caused a few issues. I hated the old fireplace so it got quickly ripped out and then I struggled to find a replacement. I couldn’t find the exact one I wanted in the right size, but I got close with with this simple white one from Fireplace World. When it came in just a couple days it was almost perfect, however it didn’t quite cover the previous markings and the chimney breast was quite uneven. I ended up getting the whole width re-plastered and then painted to make it level. Sadly, this wasn’t quite level and so there was still a large gap around the sides so I’ve ended up putting thin beading around both the inside and outside borders to hide them. 
I’m terms of the furniture, it’s all from my lounge at the rental. I have some decor bits on the shelving and then opposite is the tv stand. My curtains fit almost perfectly and I left the previous owners blinds up, with the plan to replace them one day. 
On the back wall, I have my sideboard with poufs and my blanket basket either side. I ended up painting the lid to the basket in a navy blue and I love it. Above this is my favourite artwork, the watercolour mountain range. I actually moved the poufs to where they would be for guests, but for now, I tend to store them at the back. 
The sofas are obviously the main feature as it is a lounge, and then I sanded, painted and built a new table. I actually got this at the rental but it was the wrong colour and slightly damaged. I asked for a refund and then they just let me keep it for free which was good. I hadn’t got around to painting it and fixing it until moving into this new house and I think it looks great and fills the space nicely. 

Of course, the bay window area is currently relatively empty. I had considered getting an arm chair but decided it would probably be too much furniture. When I have a lot of guests, I will put the poufs here but I think in the future it will probably be a little kids pay area type place. 
What do you think to the new room? This is the last room tour for a while, until the utility room renovation is completed so is there any other home content you would like to see?