My New iPhone 13 Mini and Best Screen Protector

I've shared a lot of house posts over the last few months and they're slowly coming to an end as jobs have almost been finished, but I feel like I've lost a passion to write about anything else. I did get a new phone a few weeks before the iPhone 14 was released and I wanted to share a couple of products I've bought because of that, that I have fell in love with. 

Previously, I had an iPhone 7 and so it was getting quite old and dated, and that was a second hand phone from my dad already that I got when it was a year old. I decided to buy the iPhone 13 over the 14 because it was much smaller in size, yet the camera quality was great, which was a huge priority for me. I also got it for a lot cheaper. Had I had realised the later model was coming out, I probably would have waited a few weeks so that I could have got it for cheaper but other than that, I was really happy. 

I ordered through EE and used my Student Discount to get it at a cheaper rate, although I also have my NHS discount too. It arrived really quickly within 3 days and it started working straight away. My first priority was getting a case and a PopSocket. I wanted to keep it a little darker and sleeker this time so went with a black PopSocket and an eco-friendly recycled case with brown specks on. 

The last thing I needed was a screen protector. I usually hate screen protectors because of the stress involved in putting them on perfectly straight, without bubbles or it being wonky etc. I have had so many screen protectors over the years and without a doubt, this one is hands down the best It was so easy to apply with clear but detailed instructions. It took a good 5 minutes, but is absolutely perfect and once positioned, you simply swipe down and it becomes adhesive and all the bubbles disappear. Incredible!