Room Tour: Hallway (Buying my First Home)

I don't really know why I've waited so long to share the hallway post because it was technically the first room to be "finished". I obviously still want to do some work to it and purchase some extra items, but at the moment I'm happy with it. It's been kept relatively simple and basic at the moment. I had purchased a wicker stair basket, but it wasn't the right size so I returned it. I also haven't decided what I want to do upstairs quite yet. For so many weeks it was home to bathroom supplies, tools and boxes, so I didn't really have an option. I thought it might be nice to have a stylish laundry basket or a storage unit from IKEA made into a bench, but realistically, at the moment, I don't need the additional storage. I think it might be a good idea for when I have children though.
The upstairs hallway has my old study blind in at present. It's a basic black cylindrical one from Dunelm. I've left the pre-existing chandeliers up at present, as I don't quite no what else I like and they suit the space. Downstairs I have a little entryway set up. 
As you walk in, you're met with a shabby chic 3 photo hanging picture frame. To the right is a floating shelf above the radiator. At the bottom is a bunch of cables so I've currently covered it with my very old shoe rack which isn't necessary at the moment and I was going to sell it, but I thought it covered the wires at the moment. On the floating shelf, I have my old HOME sign, some candles and my very first plant. I also have a sign which was my very first university gift back in 2014. I don't love it, but it was from my mum and it's tradition now to have it on the entry into my room or house. 
I finally put up my floating welcome sign from one of my favourite small businesses, In Other Word Designs. I have also purchased a few extra matte black bits to go with this. I put four coat hooks underneath, plus bought a little key dish. I actually love this little corner! At the moment, because of the disaster of a utility room, it's the main door I use, but I think it will probably just become a guest door when the other room is finished.