Date Debrief, Minor Halloween and Sofa Delivery!

A couple of dates, house progress and work updates! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
The dating life continues and I had two dates, one of which I was really unsure about. I talked all about it in the vlog, but ultimately, that relationship is now over and it didn't end on the best terms to be honest. I think I am going to share some dating life insights in a post in the future so I won't go into too much detail, but yeah, defintely not always the funnest time. 
Despite having annual leave, because of other events in life, I didn't really celebrate Halloween as much as usual. I did decorate, but because of waiting for my second sofa to arrive, it was a little later, so they were only up just over a week before. The sofa was all a bit of a nightmare, but it finally arrived safe and sound and the lounge is officially finished. The other big house update was that the bin storage unit came too. 
I ended up dressing up as a devil (basically a black dress with accessories) and meeting a couple of friends at Pizza Hut for a quick meal. I was a bit disappointed about missing trick or treaters, but I only ended up getting one group of teenagers and they weren't dressed up so I didn't feel too bad. I still have lots of sweets left over though!
I also finished my presentation for the Nightingale Fellowship. I'm really pleased with the PowerPoint but a little disappointed at the lack of progress and results. Hopefully, going forward things can start to move a little bit quicker.