Not Celebrating Halloween this Year?

Happy Halloween! 

I know I usually go all out for Halloween and I honestly thought that this year would be no different. I usually dress up and for the last few years I've also thrown a Halloween party, whether that me small or large. I love to decorate and celebrate in the lead up and I cannot even begin to explain how excited I was to do the same this year, especially with it being the first not only Halloween, but also first holiday, in my own home. Sadly, it hasn't quite been the case. 

First of all, with everything going on with the house renovations and moving in, I haven't wanted to have too many people over, mainly cause some things were still a little up in the air and the utility room is a disaster. I think because of that I just haven't felt in the spooky spirit. I would normally go pumpkin picking, carve pumpkins, make a spooky bake, dress up and of course decorate

I didn't want to really decorate until my second sofa was delivered. I would usually decorate on the 1st of October for the entire month, plus some, but the sofa was suppose to arrive on the 14th and I wanted to wait until it was in and then to take the final room reveal pictures beforehand. It then got delayed until the 21st and then delayed further to the 25th. Honestly, it's been so frustrating! The big reason for not making plans is that my cousin is also pregnant. She is due to give birth on 5th November but with her family history of baby's come slightly early, she thinks it will come early, and she would like me to be a birth partner, so I didn't want to let other people down and then have to cancel last minute. 

In the end, I put my decorations up on the 25th October after taking some super quick pictures of the living room once the sofa arrived! The last few years I've taken them down the day after, but I think I'll leave them up until the 13th/14th November this year. For some reason it's become ingrained in me that I can't celebrate Christmas until after Luke's birthday which is the 14th, so I will take them down for then and then decorate for Christmas straight after! 

The majority of the decorations are from previous years which I have reused and reused. Some of my favourite bits are from In Other Word Designs and surprisingly Wilko

The hallway originally had the Boo sign up, but I decided to move this to the kitchen. On the welcome table is a little green Boo pumpkin, a pumpkin banner up the staircase and then a few little hand carved ornaments up the stairs. 

I did buy a few new ones this year, just because I have a bigger space to decorate this time around, including outside! For the front garden I bought these cute fairy lights for the hedges and central tree. For the front door I bought a couple of banners and a sign. I'm hoping they last in the wind because it's been a little breezy this year. 

For the lounge, I thought this window stickers would look cute on the window bay and that these bats were perfect going up the chimney breast, around the mirror and fireplace. I don't think I've quite got the positioning down, but it's as good as I can get! The Boo balloons are from Amazon last year and of course, I couldn't not include the light up quote box. 

Finally, for the kitchen table I bought a simple table cloth as I ended up throwing away my old one. I also popped up one of the banners I had and 2 little sparkle pumpkins. I also treated myself to a little spooky t-shirt. I thought this was fun to put up the decorations in, but also to where on Halloween night itself, in case I am home when trick or treaters are coming around. 

What have you done to celebrate Halloween this year? Have you enjoyed the spooky season? Everything looks so much better in the dark!