Room Tour: Spare Bedroom (Buying my First Home)

The spare bedroom - or pink room! - was probably the quickest and easiest to put together, but it became my dressing room so it’s just been put back together. It is basically the same room as my previous master bedroom, with a fresher look. I knew I wanted to keep the furniture I already owned, but at the same time, wanted my master bedroom to have a new look, so I decided to transfer it to the spare bedroom instead. 

A lot of people ask me if I love pink and I honestly don't. I don't hate the colour - obviously - but it's not one of my favourites. When my mum was renovating my room at her house because of a huge bathroom leak, I fell in love with a particular wall paper and based the room around that. My mum wasn't going to pay for additional accessories so I bought my own. The order ended up getting lost in transit, so after 3 weeks (it was meant to be next day delivery), they resent the order. Magically, 2 weeks later, the original order arrived! As it was basically free, I kept it and that's how I ended up with two very pink rooms. 

One of my favourite things about the room is having colour on the walls. As previously mentioned, the main wall colour is Tottington White, then the feature wall I matched to the pre-existing colour scheme and chose Rose Heart. I was initially really torn between between two colours, but I'm glad I went for the bolder option. The curtains were the same blush pink option from Dunelm. 

This room originally had some pretty impressive ugly floral wallpaper, plus a brown carpet which makes it look very different now. I ended up booking a home visit from Tapi Carpets to measure up the room. I then went to the showroom to look at both the carpets available at Tapi but also CarpetRight which was next door. In the end, I found a cheap off cut at Tapi that was perfect in both the colour, style and price. I added the £75 for them to fit it also. 

As the majority has been previously linked, I'm not going to go in to too much detail, but be sure to check out the post linked above. The bedroom furniture is all from Furniture Maxi, bought as a matching 4 piece set. The decor including throw pillows, blanket, bedding and bedside lights are from ASDA George, whilst the pendant light is from Dunelm. 

The mirror is currently blocking view of a secret cupboard, which kind of scares me. I'm not too sure if it will stay here once my bedroom furniture arrives, but at the moment, it's the perfect spot as I put all my worn clothes behind it, which are pretty well hidden. Plus, I have makeup, hair and nail bits in the unit next to it. 

For wall decor, I have two bits from Amazon. Again, reused from the old house. The first being the Nottingham skyline and the second being a 2 part macramé wall hanging. The latter was in the hallways, but I love it in this little corner. The room is fairly simple but I think it looks great considering nothing is new, bar the paint. 

This room was actually one of the first to be done completely, but the bed was a blow up mattress, as I was waiting on my mum bringing down my grandma's old double mattress soon. I didn't want to leave the bed empty and a couple of people had already slept on it, so it was a good option to have it set up temporarily. My plan going forward is to use the blow up mattress to go on top of the sofa bed if needed. If there are more guests, it will go downstairs in the living room, making 4 double beds and a single bed available to sleep on.