Wardrobe Fitting, Nightshift Aftermath and Bedroom Reveal!

Three days from start to finish and the wardrobes are done. The green master bedroom is officially complete! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After two very hectic and stressful night shifts, the only thing I wanted to do was sleep, but unfortunately, the only time I could get the wardrobes fitted and be at home, was straight after finishing nights. I rushed home after shift and then the wardrobe fitter arrived about half an hour afterwards and set to work. He stayed 0830 - 1400 roughly, then returned the next day 0800 - 1300, before finishing. I'll share the full experience next week so stay tuned! 

I tried to sleep on the couch whilst he was here, but I couldn't get to sleep due to all the banging and noise. I for some reason thought it was more a flat pack or rather pre-built unit job but everything was separate and not only need fitting but also cutting to size. He made really good progress the first day so I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the wardrobes came together. The rest of the furniture and the doors got added the next day and then it was done. 

The next day, I was at work. Whilst I was originally just on an early shift, it got changed to long day just a few days before and a meeting date changed. Luckily, the carpet fitter could come Saturday morning instead, so in the evening I touched up the paintwork that was damaged to the walls and ceilings, then started to transfer and organise the wardrobe, before finishing it once the carpet was completed. I didn't realise how much space I would have! 

The full room reveal is in the vlog, but the post details will be shared here soon.