Room Tour: Family Bathroom (Buying my First Home)

Like I said on Wednesday, this week is all about the bathroom. Well you've heard all about the planning and all about the disaster renovation, now is time to see it in person. Despite everything, I do think it's a massive improvement. Unfortunately, I can't be happy with it just because of the experience to get to this point and how difficult and heart-breaking it has been. The ceiling and doors have now all been painted and the LED mirror finally fitted too! 

Without further ado...the family bathroom! 

As you walk in, you are met with the toilet. On top I have a plant which my mum got me as a house warming present. The plant has somewhat become the inspiration for the whole room because of it's purple leaves. I was originally going to put it in my bedroom when the wardrobes got fitted, but I think it looks lovely in there and the colour pop brings everything together. I ended up purchasing a set of purple "aubergine" towels, flannels and bath mat to continue the theme. I'm still looking for a little purple bath themed sign to go next to the plant too. 

In front of the toilet is a window, which I'm using as a shelf for both the bin and spare toilet rolls in a basket. I'm hoping now that building works have finished, there is a little less dust around because it always looks dirty. I purchased the toilet roll holder as a set, with a towel holder and two hooks. The two hooks are on the back of the door for dressing gowns. I use the other window sill area as a shelf for shower products. I purchased 4 black bottles to put my shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap in and I think it finishes the room perfectly. 

On the back wall is the bath with central bath taps, plus the shower screen and mixer dual headed shower on the far corner. Next to that is the sink, with unit underneath and mirror above. Then back around to the door is the towel rail, which like I mentioned in the last post, is massive and really far too big. I also have underfloor heating which works wonderfully. 

What do you think of the biggest renovation project so far?